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We are happy to provide you with a selection of quality flutes at affordable prices. Hopefully this portion of our website will provide you with lots of other good flute tidbits too. We would be happy to answer your questions about everything “flute”. What would you like to read about? Do you have any questions about playing the flute or choosing a low cost flute?

While we’re waiting to hear from you, let’s talk about one of the most important parts of playing the flute; blowing correctly into the tone hole or embouchure. The way a flute sounds is probably what made you decide to play the flute. Finding your own pretty tone will help you stick with the instrument.

Where to Begin?
For the first little while you should only be working with the headjoint of your flute. Position the lip plate so you can blow partially into and partially across the hole, kind of like blowing across a glass bottle to make a sound. The flute should extend out to your right, don’t get the headjoint upside down!

Don’t press the flute too hard against your face. It should rest comfortably just under your lower lip. Now you get to blow and find the place that makes the prettiest sound. Don’t give up. It may take quite awhile to figure out exactly where your airstream should be aimed and how your lips should be positioned. When you hear a sound you like, memorize where the flute is and how you blew.

You can practice blowing softly for lower notes, then give it a little more air and speed for higher notes. Try covering the open end of the headjoint to change your sound. When you feel pretty comfortable with your tone and you are able to blow more than just air almost every time you blow, then it’s time to put the rest of the flute together and start learning how to finger the flute!